Rwanda: On a roll...

We are only half way into May and there is already a lot of news to report from Ahazaza. We started off the month with our second pop-up cinema screening which proved even more popular than the last, this time the Student Entrepreneurship Club were prepared and made some delicious popcorn to sell at the screening. After the first attempt which ended up slightly burnt we ended up with 10 full bags of popcorn to sell.

Uganda: New Recruits

My first few weeks at St. Denis have gone well and it is wonderful to see the posho mill up and running and thriving. Talented St Denis student Ndalike, in S4, was recruited to produce a sign for the business and it looks fantastic:

Nicaragua: April Buzz in La Bastilla

As usual La Bastilla has been buzzing with activity, literally and figuratively.  Among the high number and variety of insects, I’ve taken notice of the tremendous presence of cicadas that provide a constant soundtrack to our days here.  The students have also been buzzing about their first term exams and grades.  The results are in, and I’m proud to announce La Bastilla students scored an overall average of 88% after their first term.

Rwanda: Entrepreneurship Case Study

Here at Ahazaza Independent School we are very excited to start implementing new entrepreneurship classes in Primary 1 to Primary 4. The new lesson plans signal a great step forward as students can now get a firm grounding in entrepreneurship theory and practical skills.

We have compiled a database of lesson plans which are tailored to introduce the basic principles of entrepreneurship alongside practical elements such as event management and school trips to local businesses and community centres for the students.

Winners of School Enterprise Challenge 2011 announced!

Teach A Man To Fish are thrilled to announce that the winners of the 2011 School Enterprise Challenge have been revealed!

Click here to see a full list of winners.

Congratulations to everyone who took part - it was a fantastic competition with some truely inspiring entrants.

We are also pleased to announce that applications are open for the 2012 School Enterprise Challenge. Apply here for your chance to be involved in this fantastic competition. 

Rwanda: Great Start to a New Term

April began in style as the French Institute from Kigali visited Ahazaza to hold the school’s first ever pop up cinema event.

Kenya-Easter Break

Nicaragua: All New in Nicaragua!

Hello to all the Teach A Man To Fish Nicaragua followers! I’m Mary, and will be taking over from Rachel as the Project Officer in La Bastilla for the upcoming year.  My first week did not disappoint in terms of exciting activity and memorable experiences.  Erica from the London office is also here for the next week visiting, and introducing me to all the bits and pieces that make up this remarkable project. 

Kenya - Efficiency in the Kitchen



Ondati is no different to much of rural Kenya when it comes to using energy. To provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to 130 students daily mean that the school goes through a great deal of firewood. The system that has been used in the past is one that is common in villages. A three stone stove that is not only inefficient in terms of fuel, the amount of smoke produced makes the school cooks life very unpleasant!

Rwanda : You're Hired!

Ahazaza has recently hired a Project Manager for the multipurpose hall! David Jesero started teaching at Ahazaza in January 2012 and has quickly proven invaluable.

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