Excellence Through Competition

Our aim is to find the very best programs and models for education

Teach A Man To Fish is constantly involved in promotion of the new, innovative and sustainable approach to education in developing countries. One of the ways we do this is hosting international competitions that aim to identify and celebrate the most remarkable educational projects, with a focus on African countries. 

Pan–African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education

Since 2007 we have coordinated the ‘EDUCATING AFRICA Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education’. Its aim has been to find the very best programs and models for education in African countries.

Winners of EDUCATING AFRICA Pan-African Awards For Entrepreneurship in Education

 'Schools for Rural Entrepreneurs' Grant Competition

With such a huge number of organizations out there working in education it's a constant challenge for Teach A Man To Fish to make sure it supports the very best school-based income-generating initiatives - projects which are both educational and financially sustainable.
In 2006 our international ‘Schools for Rural Entrepreneurs’ competition was organized to identify innovative small scale projects using elements of our approach. As a result, 11 projects across four continents received funding.
In 2009 we have organized Schools for Rural Entrepreneurs grant competition in India. It was a one more way in which we are trying to stimulate local social entrepreneurs to push their work further - unleashing students' and teachers' natural entrepreneurship and creativity to support more and better education across India.
The winners of the competition were:
  • Indian Social Service Institute (ISSI), India
  • Jeevan Rekha Parishad (JRP), India

Teach A Man To Fish Loan Programmes

Launching our Loan Programme in January 2009 we invited our Network Members to tell us about new income-generating initiatives that they wished to set up or existing initiatives which they were looking to expand and required financial assistance. There were some great ideas for income-generating projects, from bee-keeping to poultry-rearing to cyber-cafes and battery-recycling initiatives, all of which aimed to increase the financial self-sufficiency of the respective educational programme by directing profits back into the project, to ensure its sustainability over time.
The winners of the competition in 2009 were: 
  • Vihiga Community Development (VCDG), Kenya
  • PINE TREE, Philippines

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