Africa Projects

Teach A Man To Fish has been engaging with schools and partners all over Africa since our foundation in 2006. Taking inspiration from the school business model developed at our flagship school in Paraguay, the model has now been adapted and implemented in a variety of locations across the continent including West, South and East Africa.

Young people make up 37% percent of the working-age population in Africa, but 60% of the total unemployed. The school business model can help schools in Africa deliver relevant, sustainable education that can provide young people with the skills they need to reach their full potential in life.

Find out more about our current active projects in Africa by visiting the pages below: 


Mackay Memorial College in Kampala is a state-run secondary school with over 1,000 students aged 12 to 18. We are working with the school to set up and run 2 new businesses to support educational and financial outcomes. 



In Rwanda, Teach A Man To Fish is working in partnership with 'Health Poverty Action' on the "Rwandan Girls' Education and Advancement Programme" or REAP. We will be working with 28 primary and secondary schools in Nyaruguru District.  


More of our work across Africa

As well as our long-term projects in Uganda and Rwanda we are supporting organisations in a number of other African countries to implement the school business model. 

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